What we are doing for our customers

B.E. srl is a new company, focused on market requirements and its customers' needs, for this reason in Industry 4.0 we found a way to develop and an important starting point. Digitizing a production plant, buying robots or new machinery connected to the network requires an economic outlay that not all companies are able to deal with.
Whilst buying or creating, even custom-made, a software system to make existing machinery intelligent is a more feasible process with tangible benefits for companies, even at the fiscal level. In fact all the innovative investments offer incentives such as hyper-amortization and super-amortization of 140% extended until 2018 and the simultaneous reduction in the fiscal expenditure for the following 5 years.
Thanks to our technicians and the experience gained over time, we are able to create a customized software for clients that can enable the automation of their own machinery.

Supervision system for Industry 4.0

The SW-HMI system is intended for industrial sectors, thanks to which we intend to create a process to make all the production automated and interconnected. The feature of the proposed technology concerns the use of data, power and connectivity, for the centralization of information and its storage. But above all, with the collected data it will be possible, in addition to a real-time control of the functioning status or failure of the connected plants, to analyze what is collected, to get a value with the aim of optimizing and improving the yield of the systems, learning from the data which is gradually collected and analyzed. It is clear that a Hardware part must also be added to the software, where necessary, for example on machinery or plants without interface systems, this must be analyzed in each individual case. The information devised will be an indispensable element in creating the man-machine iteration, using touch interface devices or with specific APP.

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